Book : On The Open Road
Author : Stuti Changle

All I understood from the book is that, every journey is unique and while their stories are good enough to inspire you, you will have to write your own unique story. And how the real struggle in life is not doing what you love, it is not even making money, the real struggle in life is to make money through what you love. And always between the ‘right’ and the ‘wrong’ the past and the future, there lies a now and that now often leads to a new road.
The book is about entrepreneurship and how it is not a profession but an attitude !
Stuti Changle rightly said that failure and success are the part of the journey but the journey is crucial. It is the journey that makes you what you are today.

Fascinating, isn’t it ?
The above lines are just a few important moments from the book. The story revolves around Myra, Kabir, Sandy and their journey as they battle against their inner demons and the social taboos. The story teaches us that it is fine to dream and to leave the normal social norms and start our own journey. .

If you ever wish to do something that was unique and which requires breaking social norms than this book is surely for you.

The book has encouraged me personally to follow my own dreams and I can’t be more thankful to Author Stuti Changle
I personally recommend this book to everyone ❤

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