Book : untitled

Author : Nisha Sanghvi

Publisher : Artson Publication

Blurb : in Authors Words – It is the unedited version of my deepest emotions expressed in words which sometimes don’t come very close to the actual feeling! Never the less… it is an attempt! 

Review :

To begin with, when I first saw this book I knew this book was special. Such a premium theme. And this book was just so beautiful. With black matte cover and its name engraved with silver foil, this book just looked so stunning. Such a different concept and plus all the page in black color. Yes! You read it right! All the pages in this book are black and words are in white. Such a unique idea isn’t it? So if I had to rate the concept and the cover out of 10, I will surely rate it 10/10

So, I am a huge fan of quotes and poems and 300 pages of it was just like Aladdin’s treasure for me. With different themes, each page had a quote like a fresh cup of tea. Each and every quote with such a deep meaning, it made me fall in love with this book, one page at a time. I really couldn’t help but admire the knowledge and understanding of the author which made her write such beautiful poems. Language is little difficult for the beginners, but for a fan of poems I am sure this book is a gem. This book made sure that it secured its place in my favorites.

So no matter what genre you love, if you ever want to fall in love with a book, then this book is your pick. Also, I am sure, if you don’t, then your book collection is incomplete without this book, because who would want to miss such a premium themed book.


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