Book : Kaalkoot : The Lost Himalayan Secret

Author : S. Venkatesh

Blurb :
January 1944 – Holed up in a Himalayan hideout, freedom fighter Manohar Rai has to take a chilling decision – one that could mean life or death for millions of people. His only hope is a mysterious young man, who goes into hiding hours before Manohar is shot dead in cold blood.
June 2018 – A forgotten legend from the upper reaches of the Himalayas is rearing its ominous head. The world will be brought to its knees. KaalKoot will strike again.
Only three people have a clue about the horrors that are about the unfold. The only hope for survival lies buried deep in the remotest corner of Himalayas. But a terrible fate awaits those who seek it. Is it already too late? Is KaalKoot – the primordial plague – unstoppable?

To begin with I loved the colours used on the cover. They are bright and makes this book really catchy.
To begin with the story Kaalkoot is about the deadliest poison used in Hindu Mythology which is now ready to destroy the mankind. A poison buried for decades is now found and is being used to kill millions of people. I really loved the concept. The narration of the author is simple and it has the power to bring you to the whole new world. The characterization is very strong, each and every characters are described and used so amazingly in the story. I loved how mythology was blended with present reality.
Fast paced, smart characterization and amazing narration makes this book a must read for all the mythological Fiction or suspense lovers.

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