Book : Fluid: The Approach Applied by Geniuses Over Centuries

Author : Ashish Jaiswal

Blurb : Whether we are in a classroom or in the outside world, we are always forced to choose who we are. Always expected to walk towards a fixed goal. Never be uncertain, never fail or never alter our course. We are either artists or scientists or businessmen. We are being constantly reminded to embrace these identities with greater force. As they say, the more we remain folded in our fields, the better specialists we are.
Fluid shatters this myth by arguing that great minds who have changed the fate of humankind are actually the ones who failed, faltered or remained uncertain, yet never bothered to stay pasted to a rigid line. They were more. They were fluid.
In captivating storytelling narrative, Ashish Jaiswal takes us through groundbreaking research unravelling what binds the likes of Leonardo da Vinci, CV Raman, Steve Jobs, Charles Darwin and other geniuses and why being fluid like them could be our biggest winning strategy in the age of artificial intelligence.
Read to learn the approach required for world-class innovations, groundbreaking solutions and game-changing ideas.

Review :
To begin with, I really loved the cover. The colour combination is beautiful and very attractive. I like the minimalist design on the cover. Overall, if the book is in the bookshelf, it wont fail to grab your attention.
Now, let’s talk about the concept and storyline, this is one of the best non-fiction books I have ever read. I loved how the author began with some set of stories and in later chapters explained about it. It really helped to understand the concepts in a better way. I was literally able to imagine and relate the concepts in day to day life.
Language is easy, and narration is proper. Interesting concepts and catchy stories make this book a page turner. Overall I loved this book, If you want to know something really interesting then this book should be your pick.


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